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Cook & Silent Disco

  • 4,5 hrs.
  • 3 course dinner
  • 1,5 hrs. dance party with silent disco
  • 89 euro all inclusive
  • excluding VAT

  • workshop koken en dansen

    This is a complete cook, dine and dance night based on our all inclusive arrangement.
    We welcome you with a glass of sparkling Frizzante (Italian Rosé wine) or a non alcohol drink, snacks and bites.
    Our chef will explain the ins and outs of the workshop and what we are going to cook.
    After washing the hands we are going to cook the most delicious authentic dishes.
    The starter and later, the main will ber served by the cooking teams.

    Disco party:
    After the maincourse our chefs finishes the desserts and ask everyone to come downstairs to the dancefloor and enjoy the desserts.
    We dim the lights and turn on the disco lights.
    Everyone can get a a wireless headphone.
    As soon as you hear the music you can't keep still.
    We play the best disco classics and sing alongs.
    Dance and sing if you dare.
    From our entresol restaurant it's also fun to look at the rest of your team having fun, dancing and singing.
    Everyone goes crazy!

    Cook & Silent disco is one of the most dynamic and fun teambuilding events. Cooking, dining, drinks, dancing, singing and having fun with collegues, friends or family.

    Disco with Live DJ at request

    Order a trendy apron with the Kookstduio 25 logo for € 4,00.
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    Open: 7 days a week at reservation

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