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010-418 38 26 Open: 7 days a week at reservation

extras & workshops

All rates are excluding VAT


1 or 2,5 hrs from 10 euro
"Knowledge is power" play different rounds to pitch against each other.
Who wins the price?

clay workshop
clay classes

2 hrs. form 29 euro
Instruction by an experienced clay instructor
make your "team-selfie" out of clay.

painting workshops

2 hrs. from 29 euro
including drinks, paint, canvas, brushes and a great result?

salsa dance workshop
Dance the Salsa

2 hrs. from 29 euro
Learn the salsa or merengue
Dance together with your team!!

cocktail shaking
Shake your cocktail

2 hrs. from 29 euro
Cocktails or Mocktails (with or without alcohol)
Create your favourite cocktail

insects tasting
insect tasting

Who dares?
from 12,50 euro

who is the chef workshop
Who is the chef?

An exiting battle between teams controlled by one of your collegues or friends as a master chef! (For Free)
We have lots of team challenges and tastings!

wine tasting
wine tasting

from 8,50 euro p.p.
Blinde tasting with 3 red-, and 3 white wines.
Test your taste buds, win the trophy of wine connoiseur!

Apron kookstudio 25

Luxury apron of Kookstudio 25
9,50 euro with stitched logo.
An apron with your logo or name starting from 15 euro.

We supply aprons in many colours and full colour stitching.

Looking for something else?

Heb je iets anders voor ogen of een speciale wens?
We can almost do anything.
Contact us to discuss your plans.


Cooking videos and recipe development

In collaberation with several companies we help to develop prodcts and/or recipes.
We also supply tasting panels and wine tastings.
Contact us for more information.


Telefoon: 010-418 38 26

Adres: Dovenetelstraat 25, 3053 JD Rotterdam

Open: 7 days a week at reservation

E-mail: [email protected]

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