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Kookstudio 25, Berry & Carola Pronk
Berry en Carola Pronk

Photo- Eric Fecken

For over 15 years, Kookstudio 25 is a well known cooking school.
Berry en Carola Pronk are the master chefs who run this studio with an enthousiastic team of topchefs.
Kookstudio 25 is a certified professional studio and we are a member of the Dutch Cooking studio corporation.
This means that we work with professional chefs, professional equipment and work by following the rules of the Dutch food safety requirements HACCP.
Also we are a SVH (Dutch training school for chefs) learning company.
Foto- Sam Pronk

After being chefs for many years, we organised our first cooking classes in 1992 at Royal Dutch Shell in the Netherlands. We recieved a request to organise an event for a Shell departement. They wanted to have an active night out with dining and teambuilding.
Just dining was to limited and to static. After checking the possibilities we made an improvised cooking studio in their catering kitchen.
We send the group an invitation with the menu included. No one knew what to expect when they enterd the catering kitchen.
After a welcoming drink they recieved an apron and we explained what we expetected from this group.
We choose teams for the starter, main and dessert and whilst tasting a matching glass of wine and enjoying a few amuses they cooked a wonderfull dinner.
It was an unforgettable nite with lots of fun and delicous food. The word spread very fast and one after another group wanted to book this teambuilding event.
We wrote new recipes in different themes from different countries.
Then we started to rent professional kitchens, studios and catering restaurants and did hundreds of workshops all over the country. All participants were very enthousiastic about our concept. Because of the raising demand for cooking classes we start searching for our own studio. Nowadays Kookstudio 25 is a well known Cooking studio with thousands of happy guest.

The studio is perfect for cooking classes, tasting panels, receptions, presentations, events, televisons shows, recording and product development.
We do video taping, cooking recipes for lots of companies such as: Albert Heijn, RTL4, Max, PLMAlive and many others.
On a frequent base we organise tasting panels at Hilton Amsterdam for PLMA.
3 educational movies about taste and health, movie 2012 RTL 4, omroep MAX, TV Rijnmond en VPRO.

Tasting panels:
In our studio or at your loctaion we organise tasting panels or food jurys.
We also give training for food professionals in Dutch an English.
We write, taste and develop recipes for manufacturers from glutenfree to vegan and other free from products.
Every month we tape videos for P L M A PLMA live journaal.
We hope to see you soon in our studio, Kookstudio 25!

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Telephone: 010-418 38 26

Address: Dovenetelstraat 25, 3053 JD Rotterdam

Open: 7 days a week at reservation

E-mail: [email protected]

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