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010-418 38 26 Open: 7 days a week at reservation

theme workshops

3,5 hrs. 69 euro all inclusive

From 15 persons, choose your theme, and fill in our info form

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How the workshops goes?
All drinks al unlimited included (standard package)
We welcome our guests with a sprakling glass of frizzante (Italian rosé) and of course a non alchol version.
We have some nibbles and smal apetizers ready at the bar.
After a few minutes we start by explaining what the workshop is al about. Then we split up the group to make 3 or more teams.
Every team starts with washing their hands and then they recieve an apron. Our chefs start with explaining the recipes and ingredients.
Than everyone starts cooking guided by our chefs.

Order a trendy apron with the logo of kookstudio 25 for only € 4,00.

When al recipes are finished or almost finished we are ready to dine.
In our restaurant we have set the tables.
The group who prepaired the starters will also serve this to the rest of the group.
Our team and waiters will clean up the table after each course.
After the starter we will ask the main course group back into the kitchen to finsh their dish and serve it in the restaurant.
Then the dessert grpu will follow and do the same.
Only the tapas workshop is a buffet.
After the dessert we invite the guests to come downstairs again for a coffee and tea buffet.
We serve an assortiment of cofee and tea with friandises (chocolats).

Authentic recipes in different themes.
Cook your own tapas, pasta or satay.

After the workshop you will recieve the recipes by mail.


Telephone: 010-418 38 26

Address: Dovenetelstraat 25, 3053 JD Rotterdam

Open: 7 days a week at reservation

E-mail: [email protected]

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